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Currently, the most effective floor paint can be applied, we need to pay attention to the condition that epoxy coating is first. So you know what the construction conditions are? If you are wondering that question and have not found the answer, please refer to the information on construction conditions in the following article.

Tìm hiểu điều kiện thi công sơn epoxy

What factors are the epoxy coating application conditions based on?

It is understandable for many customers who are wondering about the epoxy coating conditions because they are not people in the profession. And if the construction is in poor conditions, it may affect your work. Besides, it also costs extra to fix. In order to help you minimize this problem, we would like to share some notes about the mandatory construction conditions as follows:

Requirements for concrete foundations

  • Concrete foundation must be from Mac 200-250, minimum thickness is 150mm. Before the construction of the foundation, it is required to lay at least 1 layer of PE to be able to reverse waterproof, between joints must be stacked at least 10cm, the PE sheet must not tear or hole. Absolutely do not use additives to strengthen the concrete because it will affect the adhesion of Epoxy in the future.
  • The concrete surface must be really level. The concrete layers must be sound, not cracked.

Epoxy coating conditions for floor coating

After you check, the surface treatment has been achieved according to the requirements, in the next stage is to conduct epoxy painting according to a certain process. Normally, the basic floor painting steps must meet the following construction conditions:

điều kiện thi công sơn epoxy

Lining: is a transparent, two-component epoxy coating. Underlay will be applied by roller and brush. The primer must be completely coated on the material, not too thick or lumpy. Adhere to technical requirements to help create the best grip for the floor.

Anti-slip middle layer: anti-slip middle layer is applied after having tested the satisfactory lining. Anti-slip middle coat is applied with a roller, brush or knife and by solvent epoxy or self-leveling epoxy paints depending on thin thickness and different requirements. After construction is completed, sand, sand is spread and thick to ensure anti-slip requirements.

Overlay: is a two component epoxy coating. Face coatings are applied after checking that the liner has passed the test. Surface coating is applied with roller and brush, each layer thickness is equivalent to 0.1mm. During application can add 5-10% diluent depending on the application conditions and time. It is possible to apply 2 or more coats depending on the usage requirements so that the painted surface is uniform to meet the usage requirements.

Besides, to have a beautiful and durable Epoxy floor, the best way to prepare the floor surface before construction is extremely necessary. At the same time, construction tools also play an equally important role in the construction process.

Finally, choose a professional cheap epoxy paint construction unit to be assured of having the best aesthetic epoxy floor without having to worry too much about the costs incurred because all will be. deal in a quote for Epoxy paint from the very beginning.

Some notes during construction

  • Specialized mixer and bar should be used for best performance.
  • Mix enough time so that the 2 ingredients are homogeneous, do not mix too long to avoid air bubbles.
  • Use immediately after mixing epoxy paint and absolutely do not mix any other additives or mix in the wrong ratio of the manufacturer requested.
  • It is recommended to use the same epoxy primer with the supply system for maximum effect on the floor.
  • Encourage the use of materials in the same production batch, construction at the same time to achieve uniform color.
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The above is a bit shared by Binh Dinh Epoxy Paint Company about epoxy coating conditions to get a quality epoxy floor. Hopefully this article will bring useful information to anyone who is interested in this construction condition. In addition, if you need to find a supplier or install epoxy paint for concrete or factory floor please contact us at hotline: 0906249679 to be served wholeheartedly for free and bring the highest satisfaction for friend.

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